As with every manufacturer who depends on selling a product to consumers, we aim to please the customer. However, we face the question of which customer: Saddlers, our direct customer; riders, our indirect customers; or horses, our incidental customers? Displeasing any of the three is not an option. Therefore we aim to please the ‘customer’ we have identified as an equal partnership between the saddlers who build the saddles, the riders who buy and ride them, and the horses who wear them. Our goal is to enhance and improve the experience of all three.

          We achieve this by providing timely delivery of consistent and accurate saddle trees; by developing and offering the variety of fits and styles necessary for today’s broad spectrum of horses, riders and disciplines; and by continuing to apply and utilize new technologies and materials as they become available.

Shop and crew of Steele Saddle Tree Company Circa 1900

Our commitment to serving the partnership is the sustaining force enabling us to remain at the forefront of the western saddle tree industry for the past 160 years.

The relationship between saddler, rider and horse here described as a ‘partnership’ is not a ‘formal’ partnership. A more accurate description is an affiliation of independent entities, but for current purposes ‘partnership’ will suffice. For while independent, they are interdependent to the point of an ‘effective’ partnership. I.e., without saddlers, riders would have no saddles; without riders, saddlers would have nothing to do; and without horses, saddlers and riders would both look pretty silly. (Continued)